Forward Warrior 2018! (More Info)

Forward Warrior 2018! (More Info)

May 25, 2018

Coming June 16th to Cabbagetown!

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Forward Warrior!! is an annual Summer Arts Event in Atlanta, Georgia

This partnership between Cabbagetown Initiative 501c3 & renowned artist Peter Ferrari organizes a yearly mural painting for the enlightened enjoyment of Atlanta, plus our many urban tourists, who flock to the site for selfies, Segway tours, model shoots, music videos, & deep thought.

Since 2010, a small portion of this half mile stretch on Wylie Street (from Carroll Street to Pearl Street, including the gateway entrance to the world-famous Krog Tunnel) gets a fresh batch of new pieces, sometimes incorporated into the older work, sometimes painting over previous favorites, or more often just finding new nooks for interesting additions to the growing monument to the prolific & talented community of Atlanta street artists, graphic designers, set dressers, place makers, dreamers, cartoonists, social justice activists, and visual poets.

Creator and spectator, all are united in their quest to progress, to bravely fight on, & never quit. Hear our call to action! Go! Be! Create! …FORWARD, WARRIOR!!


presented by:
Cabbagetown Initiative
a 501c3 Community Development Corporation
(EIN 58-2580550)

with Special Thanks to CSX Transportation!


for more information:

FB/Insta/venmo: @ForwardWarrior


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