The Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association (CNIA) needs your help to keep Cabbagetown running! Find out about a variety of volunteer opportunities and talk to existing board members about life as a CNIA leader, as a CI board member, or as a Patch Works volunteer. This event

Coming June 16th to Cabbagetown! Social Media Links: GoFundMe Facebook Instagram Forward Warrior!! is an annual Summer Arts Event in Atlanta, Georgia This partnership between Cabbagetown Initiative 501c3 & renowned artist Peter Ferrari organizes a yearly mural painting for the enlightened enjoyment of Atlanta, plus our many urban tourists, who flock

Our monthly Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association (CNIA) meeting is tomorrow at the Cabbagetown Community Center (177 Estoria St SE). Join us for snacks and to discuss the latest news and updates for the neighborhood. 6:45 Meet/Greet and Snacks  7:00 Meeting Begins 1. Welcome and Announcements 2. Valencia Hudson – City of

Hi Cabbageheads! Here's your monthly reminder about our upcoming CNIA meeting. Everyone from the neighborhood is welcome to participate, but only CNIA members will be able to vote. If you haven't joined CNIA yet, here's how to join. Location and Time Where: Cabbagetown Community Center, located at

Meet us tomorrow at the Cabbagetown Community Center (177 Estoria St SE) for the monthly CNIA Meeting. There are several PokeStops along the way for those of you trying out PokemonGO around the neighborhood. ;) Agenda: 6:45: Networking and Snacks 7:00: Meeting Begins Welcome and Announcements Valencia

It's almost time for our June CNIA meeting! Join us Tuesday evening at 7 PM at the Cabbagetown Community Center to stay up to date on happenings around the neighborhood and to share your voice on any neighborhood issues. Schedule 6:45: Networking and Snacks 7:00: Meeting Begins Agenda Welcome and