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Cabbagetown Community Center

Located at 177 Estoria Street, the Cabbagetown Community Center houses Grant Park Cooperative Preschool’s Cabbagetown Campus. Both the Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association and the CICDC meet in the community room monthly. The community room is used by neighbors and community groups and is rented for special events.

Focus: Cabbagetown Community Center and Grounds

Charge: To regularly inspect and comment on the Cabbagetown Community Center; To develop budget recommendations for building maintenance; To develop a calendar of maintenance in coordination with CI’s contracted maintenance provider; To oversee the administration of events and rentals; To evaluate and comment on possible improvements and upgrades to the Community Center and its grounds, and for other purposes.

Membership: There shall be a Chairperson. The committee shall consist of 5 members: 1 Chairperson, 2 Board Members, and 2 residents of Cabbagetown. All members shall be appointed by the President of CI.

Advisors: The committee is encouraged to seek the support and guidance of experienced professionals when necessary.

Cabbagetown Community Center’s main hall has over 1,200 square feet of space and can accommodate up to 72 people. Included in the rental is the main hall, kitchen, two restrooms, side deck, entrance hall, 10 parking spaces and access door to the Cabbagetown Park. The center has about 30 folding chairs and 4 tables. The Grant Park Cooperative Preschool (GPCP) rooms are not available for rent.

The center is available for reservation on weekday evenings after 6:00 PM, and on most weekends all day.

Rental rates are $200 per half day (4-5 hours), $100 for neighborhood residents (or events that are open to neighborhood residents). If you are a documented 501c3 organization, the rental fee can be waived.

There is also a refundable cleaning deposit of $100.

Please send an email to the Cabbagetown Initiative bookkeeper, Jessica Stewart, at cicdcbookkeeping@gmail.com, if you would like more information or to make a reservation.

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