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The Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association

  • Agenda for March 14th’s CNIA Meeting

    Meet us at the Cabbagetown Community Center (177 Estoria) Tuesday night at 7 PM for our March CNIA meeting! This meeting is especially important as we’ll be voting on new board members. To vote, you’ll need to be a current….

  • December 13 CNIA Meeting: Agenda

    Our monthly Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association (CNIA) meeting is tomorrow at the Cabbagetown Community Center (177 Estoria St SE). Join us for snacks and to discuss the latest news and updates for the neighborhood. 6:45 Meet/Greet and Snacks  7:00 Meeting Begins 1…..

  • Agenda for November 8th’s CNIA Meeting

    Hi Cabbageheads! Here’s your monthly reminder about our upcoming CNIA meeting. Everyone from the neighborhood is welcome to participate, but only CNIA members will be able to vote. If you haven’t joined CNIA yet, here’s how to join. Location and….

  • Agenda for July 12th’s CNIA Meeting

    Meet us tomorrow at the Cabbagetown Community Center (177 Estoria St SE) for the monthly CNIA Meeting. There are several PokeStops along the way for those of you trying out PokemonGO around the neighborhood. 😉 Agenda: 6:45: Networking and Snacks….

  • News: The City of Atlanta 2016 Comprehensive Development Plan

    The City of Atlanta is in the midst of defining their 2016 Comprehensive Development Plan; this plan guides the development of the city with guiding input from each neighborhood, featuring master plans for local parks and areas. At June’s CNIA….

  • Agenda For June’s CNIA Meeting

    It’s almost time for our June CNIA meeting! Join us Tuesday evening at 7 PM at the Cabbagetown Community Center to stay up to date on happenings around the neighborhood and to share your voice on any neighborhood issues. Schedule….

  • CNIA Meeting Agenda for May 10, 2016

    Our monthly CNIA meeting is tomorrow at 7 PM at the Cabbagetown Community Center, located at 177 Estoria St SE, just behind the park. All Cabbagetown residents are welcome to attend and to hear about what’s going on in the….