• CNIA Meeting Agenda for May 10, 2016

    Our monthly CNIA meeting is tomorrow at 7 PM at the Cabbagetown Community Center, located at 177 Estoria St SE, just behind the park. All Cabbagetown residents are welcome to attend and to hear about what’s going on in the….

  • Get your copy of the Cabbagetown Cookbook

    Our good friends at the Cabbagetown Community Initiative have created something that belongs in the kitchens of every Cabbagetown resident, and many beyond our borders: The Cabbagetown Cookbook. The compilation of recipes from over 70 Cabbagetown residents aims to “peel….

  • Imagine Memorial

    Imagine Memorial Draft Planning Document

  • December Newsletter

    Hey gang! The last newsletter for 2014 is online now, and to your doorsteps soon! Catch up on what you may have missed, and we’ll see you at The Christmas Crawl!

  • March CNIA Meeting

    March CNIA Meeting:  Tuesday, March 11,  at 7 pm at the Community Center, 177 Estoria.   See elsewhere on this site for the AGENDA. Tonight’s meeting includes the election of new officers for 2014. And another opportunity to sign-up for….

  • February CNIA Meeting

    Notice:  This meeting has been postponed until Tuesday, February 18, 7 pm at the Community Center, due to inclement weather.         February CNIA Meeting:  Tuesday, February 11,  at 7 pm at the Community Center, 177 Estoria.  ….

  • New Year!

    First Meeting of the New Year:  Tuesday, January 14th at 7 pm at the Community Center, 177 Estoria.   See here for the agenda. This is also your first opportunity to sign-up for membership in CNIA.  Under the newly adopted….